History of

Eifeler Hof

1871 Germany is victorious in the Franco-German war and receives 5 billions gold francs by way of reparations

1877 Kyllburg railway station opened as part of the Cologne-Trier ligne, start of local tourism

1880 Opening as « Schulte Inn »

1890 Upgrading to proper hotel Eifeler Hof

1911 A total of 130 rooms under management Visit of emperor Wilhelm II on the occasion of military manoeuvres

1919 Hotel temporarily made seat of a US military commander

1920 - 1939 Ongoing modernisation, affiliated department store

1944 Hotel becomes German military hospital, bombs cause significant damage to the restaurant and to the orangerie

1945 - 1950 Hotel requisitioned by French military commander

1950 - 1980 modernisation, e.g. creation of an indoor pool, basement bar Fox’s Lair, bowling alley, hotel rooms

1959 Donation of hotel by last Schulte family owner to a female religious order

1987 Abeler family acquires the hotel from the religious order

1999 Insolvency of owner Refugium AG who had only taken control in 1998

1999 - 2013 Despite being acquired first by building entrepreneur Crommes then by Dutch LIN Groep hotel remains closed, gradual decay

2013 Purchase by GbR Eifeler Hof, a real estate partnership, rental contract concluded with Christian Becker, already operator of Stiftsberg located in the proximity

2015 Sections assisted living (Caritas), physio-center and 2 apartments all contained in the building are re-opened

2019 Reopening post modernisation and repositioning